Net Anchor System

We are really happy, that our website address describes not only the compost cover materials name – but also is telling about the net we provide! 🙂

Covering large amounts of materials with specific covers – can cause a need to additionally anchor down the covers.

Mainly to protect them against wind, animals and birds, etc.

We have a special solution to do this!
Net Down anchor system.

  • No need to pile up large amounts of sand bags, car tires or other materials on piles or covered surfaces.
    Wind breaking 3D surface structure  of this specially designed PVC net does the work!
  • The additional net cover shadow on the material piles raises the UV protection of the pile up to 40%!
    Net Down net is UV-resistant
  • Suitable for use in recycling and landfills, composting, agriculture, material storage and many more..